many trainers believe rock hard abs can be obtained in a month, with proper diet

However, if you are too passive-aggressive to speak out or are intimidated by his massive frame, take a subtler route. Before your next work out, inform your trainer that you are worried about form and would like him to watch your form, especially as you begin to reach muscle failure at the end of each rep.

The other sign that you and your trainer are not on the same page is if your body has not seen significant improvement after five sessions or a month of working together. Although a total body transformation is unlikely after four to six weeks, you should be able to point at least one specific part of your body where improvement is noticeable.

There are several ways to resolve the lack of reward for your hard work. The first thing to do is to consult the gym members who already possess the physique you are hoping to emulate. Ask them about their routine, the amount of sets and reps they use, and the best amount of weight, if applicable. Compare this to the regimen mapped out with you and your trainer. Suggest implementing any exercises that have yet to be incorporated and see how that affects your results.

Another way to eliminate invisible results from your workout is to introduce an invisible trainer. Tell your trainer that you met someone who was a trainer and he said that you should be further along and you’d like to discuss ideas of how to boost your progess. Whether motivated by the shame of his underperformance being recognized by others or his fear of being replaced, this should either whip your trainer into shape or help you to finally get rid of some dead weight.

by Joel Sherman