As another celebrity boasts on another entertainment show of going from flab to fab in the same time in no time at all, you begin to wonder what the hell is wrong with your workout-resistant body that never seems to reach the beach-ready status you’ve been wanting working toward for years.

You go to the gym regularly and even have a personal trainer who seems to push you hard. Your body aches from one routine to the next, but the pain is your only proof of exercise. You eat healthy more often than not, but in the last six months, you have never reached the physical satisfaction enjoyed by those celebrities who find it in mere weeks.

Before you blame unrealistic expectations for not reaching a body of which you can at least be somewhat proud, the problem could be with your personal trainer. Most trainers are hired for a finite period where they are expected to produce the results you both have agreed upon. They have no financial incentive to rush you to your physical goals.

While celebrities have more time to devote to ripping their bodies in no time at all, most normal people have 9 to 5 jobs that usually stretch beyond the eight hour parameters. This does not mean you cannot get obtain washboard abs or more defined arms in less than a month. The indicators of a nonproductive personal trainer are surprisingly easy ways to spot and correct.

One sign of a wayward trainer is if he spends more time socializing with others or handing out his business cards to prospective clients. The best way to combat his networking on your time is to be direct. Tell him that you want to feel as if you have his focus while you are together.

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